Alfonso Morcuende

My real name is Alfonso Morcuende from sunny Madrid and my passion is “Good Design”.

I’m currently working as Design Director at Sngular, but in previous lives, I’ve led UX design at Spanish digital products, media companies and social networks, launched my own company: Realized and freelanced incessantly.

In all of my work, I’ve tried to build clear, usable, accessible designs always with passion, honesty and respect. I believe in promoting Good Design, so I teach at UX schools in Madrid, speak at UX conferences in Spain, write about design at, interview Spanish UX talent at, and created, a methodology to realize usable, clear and accessible Web projects.

Four years ago I fell in love with Design Systems, so much that I created for our studio. A true believer in sharing and learning from others, I help to organize Design at Scale - Meetup group.

I’m also passionate about New Orleans. The honesty, respect, tradition and originality of the city’s music, culture, food and people, inspire me in my design philosophy and my life. Just call me a Passionate Defender of UX and a Guardian of the Groove.

What do I do? The Devil’s in the details What do I do?

What do I do?

I help teams, projects and large organizations like yours, resolving complex problems with simple solutions.

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The Devil’s in the details
I like working on big projects with the aspiration to change everything; Researching, analyzing, and designing a strategy that shows the beauty of an idea.

How do I do it?

I believe in the power of design process, because those who stand for nothing fall for anything.

  • Research and Focus
    Research and Approach

    There's a lot of problems out there, let’s solve the right one. Don't burn time and money

  • Conversational Enviroment
    Mutual Respect

    Design is communication. Knowledge flows through teams to the whole organization. Let's talk!

  • Going Over and Over It
    Going Over and Over It

    Design iteratively. The solution will come by pitching good hypotheses and testing them quickly

  • Design is Attitude
    Designing is an attitude

    The entire organization will be involved in the process. Listen, Connect and create new alliances.

Why do I do it? Let the good times roll

Whatever the problem be part of the solution. Don't just sit around raising questions and pointing out obstacles.

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