I love to share knowledge and be around people, so I actively participate in different design communities and events.

Design at Scale

Teams & Workflow in Design Systems

Jaunary 2020

Building interfaces at scale requires a new vision from inside and around the teams that build them.

Teams and workflow slides


Why, what, who, when in Design Systems

March 2019

Design Systems are too vast. This four simple questions will help us to deal with the uncertainty and the complexity of creating, adopting and maintaining a Design System

Why, what, who, when slides

Extremadura Digital Day

Design Systems with Design Tokens

October 2018

Talk about how to build and maintain a Design System through Dev and Design Teams. YES! Both parts of the same team can create and read Design Tokens to be more aligned and happy.

Design Tokens slides

Iron Hack


September 2016

I love Architecture Information. I'm obsessed with categorization and I use them inside my design process, but in a different and overlook way... Ready to be surprised?

Categories. The Overlooked. Slides
Categories talk in Youtube

Experience Fighters


September 2015

Simplicity is not something abstract, it must be measured, touched and designed. I talked about the variables that operate inside of users at the time to perceive simplicity and how they can be incorporated into the design process.

Slides Simplicity Experience Fighters



May 2014

I believe it is worth it to use the power of persuasive design with users who want to create new habits in their lives and transform themselves.

Slides Persuasion UXSpain
Persuasion blog post

I'm a white, middle-aged dude. Generally that means, I talked a lot, now It's time to listen so...

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